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IFS 0.21.1 Maintenance Release

Welcome to your new way of personal finance handling

The integrated financial system is a new way of handling every aspect of your finance. Our aim is to deliver the best open source personal finance management system. Built from years of personal finance management experience, a multitude of features help you with keeping track of your finances.

            Your private data, stays private.
No more worrying about unsafe freeware applications. IFS does not gather any personal data. Secure authentication with the server to access resources means that data cannot be compromised. Role allocations ensure that only certain people only access the parts of the program that you specify.

                 Accessible by all.

We want everyone to enjoy the experience of using IFS, thus through utilising the Java platform, it is 
our goal to support all major platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac. 

               Free and expandable.

No advertising, no costs. That's how we like it. We've built IFS to accommodate for future changes through extensions, as well as providing you with a plethora of options for if you want to configure it in a certain way. Language options, search filters, period generators...

              Easy as 1, 2, 3!

It may seem difficult to get your head around the plethora of features, but we've made it easy. Included in the download is a sample scenario which shows you how a typical person may use the system. You can follow a similar pattern and gather inspiration!

             Want to see more?

If you'd like to see more of IFS, check out the screenshots page of this site. 
Here's a sneak peak...

Utilising a uniform interface, logical placement of options provide the user with the easiest way to access the commands they require.

Access a wide variety of reports to cater for your requirements. Analyse how much your weekly grocery shopping amounts to, or the quarterly projections of your projects.

IFS is designed for ease of use; you spend less time messing around, more time with concrete figures, ready for analysis!

           We'd like to hear from you...
After downloading IFS, configuring and using the system for a while, we'd like to know what you think of it, so that we may improve upon our creation. Please fill out the form below. 

IFS Feedback Survey

             Discuss IFS on our forums
For more extensive information, why not visit our forums? You'll be able to gain help and support for the application, provide us with ideas and meet other IFS users! 

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